A Bar Light That Improves Homogenous Illumination Coverage by Providing Adjustable Intensity Control for Its Center Section

A linear bar light is often used to provide illumination over a larger field-of-view. A common issue with bar lights is that, depending on the materials or items being illuminated, the center portion of the image can be much more intensely illuminated than the rest of the image. This extra intensity at the center can obscure the features of interest caused by lighting intensity variations, hotspots, or excess glare.

The Patent Pending EBAR Curve from TPL Vision addresses this by offering independent intensity adjustment for the center portion of the bar light. This effect is adjustable to optimize the resulting images, as shown below. Control is either via buttons on the bar light or through a dedicated control line, much like the analog brightness control seen on many LED lights.

The EBAR Curve is available in lengths from 200mm to 1,000mm. LED wavelengths available include, White, Blue, Cyan, Green, Red, and Infrared. The EBAR Curve is available in a standard configuration with continuous or strobing illumination (not an overdrive strobe).

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