R.J. Wilson, Inc. Provides Imaging and Automation Solutions from the Top Manufacturers

Advanced Illumination – LED Lighting & Control, IP69K Lighting, Computational Imaging Lighting, Custom-Designed & Built Lighting & Electronics for Special Requirements and OEMs

Allison Park Group – Wash-Down Camera Enclosures, Protective Camera Enclosures

Autotech Controls – Programmable Limit Switches, Resolvers, Encoders and More for Machine and Press Control

Basler – Industrial Imaging Cameras, Medical Imaging Cameras, Microscopy Cameras, Polarization Cameras

CCS America – LED Lighting & Control, Flat Dome Light, Computational Imaging Lighting, High Color-Rendering LEDs, Very High Brightness Strobe Systems, LED-Based Fiber Optic Light Source

Dolan-Jenner – Fiber Optic Lighting & Accessories

Fiberoptics Technology – High-Power Fiber Optic Light Sources and Custom Fiber Optics

Fujinon – C-Mount Lenses, High-Resolution Lenses for 1.1-Inch Format

Gardasoft Vision – LED Lighting Controllers, Triniti™ Light Controllers with Browser-Based Software, Sequence Controllers

Goyo – C-Mount Lenses, High-Resolution Lenses for 1.1-Inch Format, SWIR Lenses, Quartz Lenses

Laservison – Laser Safety Windows

Metaphase – LED Lighting & Control, Triniti™-Compatible Lights

Metrix – Vibration & Seismic Sensors, Cables, Probes, Self-Contained Vibration-Monitoring Display

Midwest Optics – Optical Filters, Filter Evaluation Kits, Extension Tubes, Step-Up and Step-Down Rings, 90° Mirrors

MillerEdge – Safety Mats, Edge Sensors

Moritex – C-Mount Lenses, High-Resolution Lenses for 1.1-Inch Format, High Magnification Lenses, Telecentric Lenses, Large-Format Lenses

Navitar – High Magnification Zoom and Fixed Lens Systems, High Magnification Lenses with Motorized Zoom and Fine-Focus, C-Mount Lenses, Microscope Objectives for High-Magnification Lenses, SWIR Lenses

Opto Engineering – Telecentric Lenses, Telecentric Lenses with Built-in Coaxial Lighting, 360° Imaging Lenses, Hole Inspection Lenses, Borescope Lenses, Telecentric LED Lighting, Very-High-Resolution Cameras

Pixelink – Industrial Imaging Cameras,  Polarization Cameras, Microscopy Cameras, OEM Camera Modules, Manual Image Capture Software for Microscopy

Schott – Fiber Optic Lighting & Accessories

Smart Vision Lights – LED Lighting & Control, Triniti™-Compatible Lights

Spectrum Illumination – LED Lighting & Control, Large Dome Lights, Multi-Wavelength Dome Lights, Large Ring Lights, Field-Changeable LED Lenses and Diffusers for Spectrum Ring & Bar Lights

Stronguard – Heavy-Duty Machine Guarding Systems

Swivellink – Flexible Camera, Lighting, and Sensor Mounting Systems, Flexible End-Effector Assembly Components, Lab Test Kit, Available in Metric and Imperial, Robot Mounting Pedestals

Tamron – C-Mount Lenses, High-Resolution Lenses for 1/1.2-inch & 1.1-Inch Formats

Techniquip – Fiber Optics & LED lighting, FOcusing on Custom Precision Lighting Design and Production for OEM clients.

TPL Vision – LED Lighting and Control, Bar Light with Adjustable Output Curve Across the Bar for Improved Homogeneity, Backlight with Matte Black Appearance When Off-White When On, Optical Trigger to Enable Smart Cameras with Built-in Lighting to Utilize External Lighting

Tri-Tronics – Photoelectric Sensors

VS Technology – Telecentric Lenses, Cylinder-Inspection Lens, C-Mount Lenses, Large Format Lenses, Macro Lenses