Lenses & Optical Filters

R.J. Wilson, Inc. carries products from the leading manufacturers of lenses, optics, and optical filters. The proper selection of optical components has an impact on the quality of the acquired images, the flexibility of the image acquisition system, and, in turn, enhances the effectiveness of the image formation configuration.

By offering a wide range of products, most image formation requirements can be addressed with off-the-shelf solutions. R.J. Wilson, Inc. offers a complete selection of standard lenses, telecentric lenses, specialty 360° optics, high-magnification lens configurations, and optical filters. All camera sensor formats and wavelength requirements are addressed.

When a custom optical solution is required, R.J. Wilson, Inc. works with our lens manufacturers to provide modifications to standard lenses or design and build custom optical solutions for special applications.

  • Standard Lenses
  • Telecentric Lenses
  • High Magnification Lenses
  • Specialty Lenses