High Magnification Lenses

When high-magnification is required, lenses are available in a number of form factors that include both zoom lenses and fixed-magnification lenses. R.J. Wilson, Inc. will help you select the optimum high-magnification lens configuration for your project.

High-magnification zoom lenses are available as modular systems, offering the flexibility of varying the lens attachments to finalize the working distance and magnification factors. Zoom lens configurations are available from 6X to 12X. Most of the zoom lens configurations may be motorized for remote control and the option of built-in coaxial (through-the-lens) illumination is available for zoom and fixed magnification systems.

If you’re currently using a microscope for high-magnification imaging, you may find that a video-based optical system may provide capabilities such as additional magnification ranges, motorization, image capture, image archiving, and annotation that could be useful to your sample flow. There’s also the benefit of reduced eye strain, easier collaboration when viewing an image together, and archiving options.

Navitar Lenses