Specialty Lenses

Lenses for 360° Inspection of Cylindrical Objects with a Single Camera

It has always been challenging to view 360° around a cylindrical object. R.J. Wilson, Inc. and Opto-Engineering® offer single-camera solutions for many advanced inspection requirements involving a cylindrical object. Where appropriate, by using a single imaging camera, the imaging process becomes more controllable, synchronization of a high-speed line becomes much more straightforward, and there may be cost benefits to simplifying the imaging configuration.

Lens configurations are available for:

  • 360° imaging, including top and sides
  • 360° imaging, sides only
  • 360° imaging for internal inspection of holes
  • 360° imaging for viewing the inner sides of a cylinder

The part must be presented consistently every time to properly align the lens to the object so that a usable image is provided for the inspection software.

These lenses are also suitable for robot guidance to view objects that are difficult to inspect on a moving conveyor or cannot be guided or fixtured.

Infrared Lenses

  • Short-wave
  • Medium-wave
  • Long-wave

Quartz Lenses

  • Designed for imaging in the deep UV spectrum

Top & Sides

Hole Inspection

Cylinder Inspection