Standard Lenses

R.J. Wilson, Inc. offers a wide range of standard lenses for area array and line-scan cameras. With the large variety of camera sensor types, pixel sizes, and other sensor parameters, selecting the proper lens will maximize the performance of the camera, and thus the vision system, by doing a better job resolving image details with the highest contrast. The lens is generally the “gatekeeper” in terms of the camera being able to make full use of its resolution and pixel size.

Let us assist you in selecting the appropriate lens by considering the field-of-view requirements, the working distance based on your working envelope, and the resolving capability of the lens to match the camera’s resolution, sensor model and size, mounting, and pixel size specifications. We offer the top brands to help you specify the ideal lens configuration for your project.

  • S-mount
  • C-mount
  • F-mount
  • M-Mount
  • Large-format lenses for line-scan sensors up to 90mm length

Lenses are available for visible light imaging, ultra-violet imaging, near-infrared, and medium-range infrared applications.

Standard Lenses

Tamron Lens Highlights

As cameras with 2/3” and 1/1.2” high resolution sensors have become the workhorses of vision imaging, a new lens option is available from Tamron, providing 5MP lenses at a lower cost: 1/1.2” format lenses. The Tamron M112FM Series offers lenses from 6mm to 75mm and is compatible with both 1/1.2-inch, 2/3-inch, and smaller image sensors.

The bodies of all the lenses are 29mm diameter, with the 6mm and 8mm lenses having larger front faces (and filter sizes) required for the shorter focal lengths.

For 12MP cameras with 1.1-inch sensors and pixel pitches down to 3.1µm, Tamron offers the M111FM Series, with lenses from 8mm to 50mm.

Contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss your lens requirements, the sensor parameters of the camera, and the application’s imaging requirements.

Tamron M112FM Series 1/1.2” Lenses Datasheet

Tamron M111FM Series 1.1” Lenses Datasheet