Custom OEM Lighting Development

OEMs go through a long process to approve the automated inspection components used on their machines. A critical area that affects the success of any automated inspection system is the lighting.

  • The successful selection of an OEM lighting configuration begins with close interaction between your engineers, our lighting partners, and R.J. Wilson, Inc. from the start.
  • Concept discussions, lighting evaluations, testing, and factory support at a technical and logistical level are the basis on which long-term solutions are created and supported.
  • R.J. Wilson, Inc. then works with your procurement team to offer:
    • Blanket purchase order management, with or without scheduled release dates.
    • Serial number and ship-date tracking to ensure warranty coverage when appropriate.
      • This includes managing warranty repairs.
    • Dedicated inventory, when appropriate.

If an off-the-shelf lighting component meets the system requirements and is cost-effective, that’s what we’ll recommend. However, there are often design or functional requirements that may include:

  • Light delivery techniques.
  • Lighting wavelengths.
  • Specific color temperatures and spectral output distribution for white light when imaging in color.
  • Dust or water resistance to ensure wash-down compliance.
  • Size and shape of the light, based on mechanical requirements or restrictions.
  • Lighting controls that can be tailored to your machine control system.
  • Communication protocols with the light controller.
  • Multiple lighting channels and timing parameters.

Who are Our Lighting Partners?

R.J. Wilson, Inc. works with the top companies in the industrial lighting arena, including

Custom OEM Lighting
Image courtesy of Advanced Illumination

Let R.J. Wilson, Inc. guide you through the process of developing, selecting, and delivering the proper lighting configuration for your OEM application.