Custom OEM Lighting Development

For OEMs looking to integrate a lighting solution into their purpose-built machinery or system integrators with atypical lighting requirements, off-the-shelf lighting configurations may or may not be adequate in terms of form factor, working envelope, wavelength, or other standard feature.

In this case, there are varying degrees of customization that can be applied:

  • A Build-to-Order system provides for very short lead times and allows a product to be configured from a large set of predetermined parameters offered in standard products.
  • “Soft Custom” products, based conceptually on standard products, may require additional design and documentation, but can be a smart choice when more flexibility is required.
  • Full Custom design can be developed when no standard product is adequate and when the budget and time frame permit.

Our lighting partners are EXPERTS at what they do. They have the evaluation and manufacturing resources to be an important ally when a custom lighting solution is required, for both the lights and the electronics to control them. Let R.J. Wilson, Inc. guide you through the process.

Custom OEM Lighting
Image courtesy of Advanced Illumination