Safety Fault Tester

Safety Fault Tester from Swivellink Induces Faults to Validate Safety Circuit Performance

The PLx is a universal device designed to insert in series with equipment safety devices and induce faults to validate the functionality and diagnostic coverage of the safety systems.

The PLx will validate that the proper safety design Performance Level has been achieved by design, wiring, and programming. This type of testing is required by the ISO 13849-2 safety standard.

Swivellink PLx Safety Tester

The PLx enables the user to induce faults into the safety system while monitoring both the built-in PLx indicator status lights, as well as the safety system controller, for the proper result.
This is accomplished without removing single wires or inducing shorts through terminals. Adapter cables are available for Banner, Rockwell, Schmersal, and Sick.

View the download below to learn more about the Swivellink PLx Safety Device Circuit Tester

These videos are provided in Part 1 & Part 2 to provide in-depth information on using the PLx Safety Circuit Tester.

To order a PLx Safety Circuit Tester and adapter cables for your production floor, please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc.