Swivellink Flexible Mounting System


When an automation system is built, the ideal positions of the imaging system components are optimized prior to “hard” mounting these systems. It is critical that the position of the imaging components is exactly as designed and tested or a critical imaging component (either the lights or the cameras) may be out of place, jeopardizing system performance and reliability in the field.

During development, get rid of the multiple one-knob “adjustable” arms that tend to be used for imaging component positioning. They don’t stay where you put them and, if loosened, it’s likely that you’ll never get everything in the same position in space again.

What happens if a change needs to be made after final design; fabricate a new mounting configuration? These are common issues.

Enter Swivellink, a flexible industrial-grade mounting “system” that is suitable for both development and deployment. Swivellink components are made of strong aluminum and the mounting bases, knuckles, links, and mounting plates (available for most cameras and lights) are modular, so a configuration can be quickly assembled and locked in place. Need to make a change? It’s easy and only the joints that need to be adjusted are moved. These configurations will not move out-of-place once tightened down.

Swivellink Configuration Components Include:

As noted, mounts are available for most camera and light brands, as well as for buttons, sensors and stack lights, with standard threaded receptacles and hollow links, knuckles, and bases so any cabling can be run through the Swivellink systems and remain out-of-sight. Swivellink products are available in metric or imperial.

If you’re implementing lights, cameras, or sensors from any of these brands, be sure to consider the ease and reliability of a Swivellink mounting configuration! A specially-priced lab kit is also available, containing every key Swivellink component and 2 user-selected mounting plates in a carrying case to get you started.Contact us for more information, and a product catalog today.