BL2 Series Backlight from Advanced Illumination – 2X Brightness, Improved Uniformity, and Stronger Structure

AI’s new BL2 Series backlights break new ground in brightness and scalability. The BL2 Series provides a highly uniform and high intensity, diffuse backlight source. It offers twice the brightness of the original BL Series without a price increase.

· Wavelengths include 470nm, 530nm, 625nm, and 850nm, plus white.

· Light uniformity is improved, even close to the bezels.

· Available in 1” increments in both X & Y, from 1” X 1” to a huge 46” X 46” as standard sizes.

· Typical turnaround in 2 weeks.

· Collimation Film and Polarization Film are available as options for sizes up to 16” X 16”.

· STEP Files are available for any size BL2.

· The side with the cable exit may be specified.

Ai’s control options include: 

Please note that as the BL2 increases in size, the ICS options will not be available due to current limitations.

For more information on Ai BL2 series, please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. at 781-335-5500 or [email protected].