Wash-Down Lighting

Advanced Illumination – IP69K Backlights and Bar Lights

The UltraSeal backlights and newly-introduced bar lights from Advanced Illumination are purpose-built to perform in extreme wash-down environments and feature a rare IP69K rating. From liquid immersion to high-pressure steam to corrosive solutions, the UltraSeal products stand up to the realities of what “wash-down” means – both Cleaning and Disinfection.

The UltraSeal lights feature a patent-pending design that is virtually crevice-free, making them ideal for hygienic inspection environments, aseptic manufacturing and packaging, food and beverage applications and any application where a commitment to wash-down protocols is essential to helping ensure consumer safety.

  • IP69K certification ensures a sealed, hermetic housing.
  • There are no exposed screws, gaskets, washers, crevices, or gaps in which contaminants may be trapped.
  • UltraSeal lights have a proprietary FDA-compliant nickel finish that offers more protection against corrosion than stainless-steel.
  • The nickel finish is more inert than stainless-steel.
  • Heat build-up is the enemy of LEDs – the UltraSeal housings are 11X more thermally conductive than stainless-steel.
  • These units can be powered directly from 24V, through Advanced Illumination’s ICS2 or ICS3 inline controllers or with an Advanced Illumination external light controller.
  • Currently, backlight wavelengths of 470nm, 520nm, 660nm, 880nm, and white are available. 
  • Backlight sizes are available in 2” increments in X & Y from 2” X 2” to 12” X 12” in size. (Contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss larger sizes.)
  • Bar light wavelengths of 455nm, 470nm, 505nm, 530nm, 590nm, 625nm, 660nm, 730nm, 850nm, 940nm, and white are available. 
  • Bar light lengths are available from 6” to 24” with narrow (8°), medium (21°)or wide (29°) LED lenses.   

The UltraSeal concept is being applied to other Advanced Illumination products, so please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. for additional information and to discuss your wash-down machine vision lighting challenges. 

SMART VISION LIGHTS – New Cost Effective IP68 Wash-Down Bar Lighting

The new LZEW300 300mm Bar Light features a first-of-its-kind FDA-compliant non-stick finish, applied to a 2-pound aluminum housing. This is a cost-effective, lightweight IP68 lighting solution. In addition to a choice of beam angles, the LZEW300 offers single-connector or 2-connector daisy-chain versions to reduce cabling requirements.

A 316 stainless steel housing option is available for a more traditional wash-down enclosure.

Basler LZEW300 Bar Light
  • Single Connection or Daisy Chain up to 6 Lights.
  • Narrow 10° or Wide 30° LED Optics.
  • Line Projection Optics for 10° X 50° beam angle.
  • White, 470nm Blue, 530nm Green, 625nm Red, and 850nm IR wavelengths are available.
  • Internal Controller supports Constant-On and Strobe Modes, with OverDrive.
  • NanoDrive™ provides the ability to turn the light fully-on in less than 500 ns.
  • Use the BTM-1000 Bluetooth module to wirelessly adjust intensity within 3 zones of each single or daisy-chained LZEW300.

Smart Vision Lights IP68 Washdown DLPW Diffused Ring Light Panel for Large-Area Coverage

SVL DLPW Diffuse Panel Ring Light
  • The IP68 Diffused Ring Light Panel is available in 190mm X 190mm, 300mm X 300mm, 450mm X 450mm, and 600mm X 600mm. 
    • 42mm Camera Hole Diameter.

Spectrum Illumination IP68 Wash-Down Ring Light – 8.5-inch Diameter Light-Emitting Pattern

The Spectrum Illumination WMRL8.5 is a compact IP68-rated 8.5-inch diameter ring light.

  • 12-inch outer diameter, 7-inch inner diameter
  • Quick-disconnect M12.
  • 12° Narrow Lenses (standard).
  • Includes DIN-mount constant-current driver and cable that must be used. For both continuous and strobe operations.
  • HS (High Speed) Strobe Technology.
  • IP68 and FDA Compliant.
  • 470nm Blue, 505nm Cyan, 530nm Green, 590nm Amber, 625nm Red, 845nm IR, 935nm IR wavelengths, and White, Natural White, and Warm White are available.

Spectrum Illumination IP68 Washdown Dome Light – 7-inch Diameter

The Spectrum Illumination WMDL7 is a compact IP68-rated 7-inch diameter dome light.

  • Self-draining dome design.
  • Quick-disconnect M12.
  • Includes DIN-mount constant-current driver and cable that must be used. For

both continuous and strobe operations.

  • HS (High Speed) Strobe Technology.
  • IP68 and FDA Compliant.
  • 470nm Blue, 505nm Cyan, 530nm Green, 590nm Amber, 625nm Red, 850nm IR wavelengths, and White, Natural White, and Warm White are available.

Spectrum Illumination IP68 Washdown Back Lights

  • Available in:
    • 2” X 8”, 4” X 4”, 4” X 8”, and 8” X 12”
  • Internal driver, no external driver/controller required. Includes 4-meter stainless-steel cable (longer lengths are available).
  • USFDA compliant enclosure, gaskets, and hardware.
  • 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Acrylic Diffuser.
  • White Nitril Gaskets.
  • Constant-on or PNP/NPN trigger (no overdrive).
  • 470nm Blue, 530nm Green, 660nm Red, 880nm IR wavelengths, and White are available.

Effilux EFFI-FLEX IP69K-FOOD Rated Bar Lighting Available in Extra Long Lengths – Adaptable for Line Scan Front Lighting

The EFFI-FLEX-IP69K bar lights come standard with an AutoStrobe function that maintains 3X the standard brightness for 2 seconds, and then brings the output to standard brightness. Each time the trigger is detected, the light goes into AutoStrobe for added intensity.

For constant-on use, a standard driver is available.

EFFI-FLEX-IP69K Wash-Down Bar Light with Semi Diffuse Window

The EFFI-FLEX bar lights can be configured with a choice of front window diffusion levels: Transparent, Semi-Diffuse, and Opaline. The LED beam angle is also factory-set to one of four positions, as shown below.

  • 405nm UV, 465nm Blue, 525nm Green, 625nm Red, 850nm IR, and White 000 (T°= 5500K ± 500K) wavelengths are available.

 EFFI-FLEX IP69K lights may be configured for front-lit line scan imaging by including the LS Filter. The optional LS filter sits behind the Transparent Window and projects a tighter line of diffuse light across the field-of-view, as shown. As with any bar light application, there will be intensity fall-off near the ends of the bar light, so additional “overhang” should be included on each end when calculating the required bar light length.

EFFI-FLEX Bar Light with LS Line Scan Filter

EFFI-FLEX-BL-IP69K Wash-Down Linear Back Light for Line Scan Applications

The EFFI-FLEX-BL IP69K Linear Backlight features an opaline window and twice the density of LEDs within the light (compared to the EFFI-FLEX bar light) for a more even and intense background when used with a line scan camera. The backlights have a constant-on driver. The EFFI-FLEX-BL-IP69K backlight is the same physical size as the EFFI-FLEX-IP69K bar light.

TPL Vision High Power UV 405nm Ring Light with IP65 Rating

Composed of 12 high powerful 405nm UV LEDs.

  • IP65 for wash-down applications.
  • Continuous mode or strobe operation (not overdrive), based on wiring.
  • Internal diameter 58mm accommodates large lenses. Outer diameter 112mm.
  • Optional LED lens options include:
    • +/- 7°
    • +/- 10°
    • +/- 17°
    • +/- 25°
  • Satin diffuser.
  • 24 VDC/15W power consumption.
  • A variety of mounts are available.

TPL Vision – IP69K Bar Lights up to 1,250mm in Length

TPL Vision has introduced an IP69K version of its EBar bar light, with lengths up to 1,250mm. The food-grade compliant stainless-steel frame and smooth cylindrical surface stand up to cleaning solvents and high humidity.  

  • It features swivel mounting brackets for fine alignment.  
  • Available lengths from 125mm to 1,250mm. 
  • Available lens options from +/-7° to +/- 25° or no lens on the LED. 
  • Wavelengths of white, 405nm, 470nm, 525nm, 630nm, and 850nm are available. 
  • Opaque and satin diffusers and a polarizing filter (not for IR) are available options and are built into the cover. 
  • The EBAR IP69K’s built-in driver will operate in continuous or strobe modes (not overdrive strobe), with dimming control provided.  
  • When used as a strobe, the rise and fall times have been reduced to 15 μs and 10 μs. 

Back Light Version of the IP69K Bar Light Available

IP69K Bar Lights up to 1,250mm in Length

TPL Vision also offers an IP69K back light with a similar form factor to the IP69K bar lights. A diffuser is used to provide wash-down-capable backlighting for line scan use or to provide diffuse front lighting at shorter working distances 

  • The same lengths and wavelengths are available. 

When considering wash-down lighting, keep in mind that a wipe-down cleaning regimen in a clean-room may still use caustic chemicals that can deteriorate a light’s metal or plastic  housing, adding to contamination rather than mitigating it. The materials used in the housings for wash-down lighting are specifically designed to mitigate the effects of caustic chemicals used in high-pressure and often in wipe-down methods of cleaning