Ultra-Violet (UV) Lighting & Imaging

UV light, typically at wavelengths of 365nm-405nm, is used to excite a UV-sensitive material, optical brightener, or tracer, making it fluoresce and emit light at a visible wavelength. The visible light is typically emitted between 470nm and 530nm. It is the emitted visible light that the imaging camera will use to inspect the image and determine pass or fail.

In the following examples, UV light and the resulting visible emitted light are used to determine whether the tamper seal has been applied to the bottle, whether an adhesive has been applied to an electronic component, and whether lithium grease has been applied to the gear teeth. All of these applied materials are sensitive to UV light and are able to be imaged and inspected at a visible wavelength.

CCS UV Adhesive Example
CCS UV Light Gear Teeth Example

A bandpass filter is used on the camera’s lens to pass only the wavelength at which the sample emits visible light. This reduces the amount of blue UV and ambient light visible in the captured image, enhancing the emitted wavelength.

Additional applications include the inspection of special inks, dye penetrant inspection, coating inspection, glue presence detection, and flux presence detection.

TPL’s FIS Provides the Most Comprehensive UV Lighting Solution Available

A multi-wavelength approach to configuring an Ultra-Violet imaging system, provided in TPL’s Fluorescence Imaging Solution (FIS), lets the user experiment with finding the best combination of UV wavelengths to achieve the highest fluorescence and image contrast between the emitting material and its background.

  • 365nm, 395nm, and 405nm UV lighting are built in.
  • The FIS is manually switchable to set the optimum wavelength configuration:
    • 365nm + 395nm + 405nm
    • 395nm + 405nm
    • 365nm only
  • Once the UV wavelength selection is manually configured, the FIS is remotely switchable between the selected UV light wavelength configuration and white light.
  • UV light is NPN strobe use only.
  • White light is NPN strobe or continuous use.
  • 80mm Internal Diameter model provides a 50mm X 40mm fluorescent area at 50mm working distance.
    • 70mm X 60mm fluorescent area at 150mm working distance.
  • 130mm Internal Diameter model provides a 90mm X 70mm fluorescent area at 50mm working distance.
    • 110mm X 90mm fluorescent area at 150mm working distance.

The dome-effect minimizes reflections from complex surfaces and coated documents.

White LEDs are built-in for secondary inspection. The built-in LP415nm filter ensures only visible light exits the top of the dome, enhancing safety. A bandpass filter with an M27 thread may be used on top of the built-in filter to permit only the emitting wavelength to pass to the camera.

The TPL FIS is used to enhance the imaging of inks on tax stamps, bank note inspection, glue seal inspection, security features inspection, and much more.

TPL Vision High Power UV 405nm Ring Light

Composed of 12 high power 405nm UV LEDs.

  • Continuous mode or strobe operation (not overdrive), based on wiring.
  • Internal diameter 58mm accommodates large lenses. Outer diameter 112mm.
  • Optional LED lens options include:
    • +/- 7°
    • +/- 10°
    • +/- 17°
    • +/- 25°
  • Satin diffuser
  • 24 VDC/15W power consumption.
  • A variety of mounts are available.
  • These ring lights are available in IP65 for wash-down applications.

CCS UV3/VL3 Series High Power UV/Violet LED Lighting

The new UV3/VL3 Series offers a range of high-intensity UV illumination optimized for smaller fields-of-view. Ring lights, including one that’s IP67-rated, small bar lights, and a spot-light can be configured according the coverage area and UV wavelength that’s most effective in exciting the visible light fluorescence.

  • Available UV wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405 nm.
  • Constant-on and, on selected models, overdrive strobe for up to 8X the light intensity.
  • Two types of light directivity: wide types to illuminate a wide area and narrow types for convergent illumination on a narrow area.

Advanced Illumination UV Ring Lights in a Range of Sizes and Wavelengths

The RL208 Series and the RL113, RL121, and RL127 Ring Lights feature MicroBrite™ and other high-current and medium-current LEDs and are available in a range of ring light diameters.

  • Outside diameters include 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 116mm, 160mm, and 200mm.
  • Available UV wavelengths: 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405 nm.
  • Inline current sources are available for constant-on and strobe use, or C1 and C5 interfaces are available for use with AI’s external light controllers.
  • With an external light controller, overdrive strobe capability is provided.

Advanced Illumination AL295 Compact Bar Light Available in Multiple UV Wavelengths and Lengths from 3-inches to 18-inches

MicroBrite™ expandable bar lights deliver high performance in a compact form factor. They are available in 3” increments from 3” (75mm) to 18” (450mm) lengths.

  • Available UV wavelengths: 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405 nm.
  • Inline current sources are available for constant-on and strobe use, or C1 and C5 interfaces are available for use with AI’s external light controllers.
  • Multiple AL295 bar lights can be used to create a larger, more evenly illuminated area when a ring light is not suitable.

Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss whether UV Lighting can be a benefit to your imaging process.