Custom OEM Lighting Development

OEMs go through a long process to approve the automated inspection components used on their machines. A critical area that affects the success of any automated inspection system is the lighting.

  • The successful selection of an OEM lighting configuration begins with close interaction between your engineers, our lighting partners, and R.J. Wilson, Inc. from the start.
  • Concept discussions, lighting evaluations, testing, and factory support at a technical and logistical level are the basis on which long-term solutions are created and supported.
  • R.J. Wilson, Inc. then works with your procurement team to offer:
    • Blanket purchase order management, with or without scheduled release dates.
    • Serial number and ship-date tracking to ensure warranty coverage when appropriate.
    • This includes managing warranty repairs.
    • Dedicated inventory, when appropriate.

Image courtesy of Advanced Illumination

If an off-the-shelf lighting component meets the system requirements and is cost-effective, that’s what we’ll recommend. However, there are often design or functional requirements that may include:

  • Light delivery techniques.
  • Lighting wavelengths.
  • Specific color temperatures and spectral output distribution for white light when imaging in color.
  • Dust or water resistance to ensure wash-down compliance.
  • Size and shape of the light, based on mechanical requirements or restrictions.
  • Lighting controls that can be tailored to your machine control system.
  • Communication protocols with the light controller.
  • Multiple lighting channels and timing parameters.


R.J. Wilson, Inc. works with the top companies in the industrial lighting arena, including