High Magnification Lenses

When high-magnification lenses are required, R.J. Wilson, Inc. recommends Navitar. Navitar’s PreciseEye, Resolv4K, and Zoom 6000 lens systems are modular, offering a range of working distances, magnification factors, supported camera sensor sizes, and a choice of fixed or zoom lens and coaxial lighting options.

While it’s tempting to use a camera and extension tubes when more magnification is required (and it’s fine for many applications), lens systems designed for high-magnification imaging will provide a higher resolution, more focused image across the field-of-view with improved contrast.

For imaging applications in the 700nm to 1,700nm wavelengths, a SWIR lens coating is available on the Navitar lenses.

For microscope-like performance without the eyestrain, the Resolv4K and the Zoom 6000 series offer multiple zoom magnification range options that can be coupled with a high-resolution color camera and lighting system to configure a manual color inspection and documentation station.

Precise Eye Fixed Lens System

  • Navitar’s Precise Eye modular lens system provides superior optical performance over standard C-mount video lenses and extension tubes.
    • C-mount sensor sizes up to 2/3” are supported.
  • Available magnification factors from 0.23X to 7.2X.
  • Working distances range from 36mm to 310mm.
  • Compatible with high-magnification infinity corrected objectives to achieve even higher magnification, rivaling that of a microscope.
    • Magnification range with infinity-corrected objectives is 1.78X to 89X.
  • Options to provide coaxial illumination, 3 mm fine focus, and motorization.

For additional field-of-view and configuration information, please download the following:

Resolv4K Fixed Lens System

With support for camera sensors from ½” to APS size, Navitar’s Resolv4K modular fixed high-magnification lens system provides the optical quality required to support higher resolution sensors. The combination of high-magnification and high optical quality is tough to duplicate with large-format lenses and extension tubes.

The Resolv4K lens has been designed not only for superior visible wavelength performance, but with dramatically increased wavelength focusing ability with Visible through Near Infrared (Vis-NIR) and SWIR optical coatings.

Navitar’s Resolv4K lens series offers you more:

  • Field-of-View
  • Resolution
  • Magnification
  • Wavelengths
  • Illumination
  • Throughput

In this example, the same 12MP camera is used for both images of the optical fiber. The image on the left used a competitive “high resolution” lens, while the image on the right used the Resolve4K zoom lens with a 10X Mitutoyo objective. This zoom lens configuration provided 3.20X – 22.50X of magnification at the camera sensor and resulted in image quality and sharpness better-suited for machine vision processing.

  • Available magnification factors from 0.275X to 6.4X, with larger format camera sensors supported.
  • Working distances range from 32mm to 359mm.
  • Achieves true high magnification for large format camera sensors without sacrificing image quality.
  • Compatible with infinity corrected objectives to achieve even higher magnifications up to 89X, rivaling the performance of a microscope.
  • Co-axial illumination available.

For additional information on the Navitar Resolv4K Family of zoom and fixed lenses, please download the Navitar Resolv4k Brochure

High Magnification Zoom Lenses

Although not typical in machine vision applications, high-magnification zoom lenses may be used to create a video microscope replacement for manual inspection applications. If you’re currently using a microscope for high-magnification imaging, a video-based optical system provides useful capabilities such as additional magnification ranges, motorization, image capture, image archiving, and annotation that could be useful to your sample flow. There’s also the benefit of reduced eye strain, easier collaboration when viewing an image together, and archiving options.

For additional field-of-view and configuration information, please download

Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss your high magnification lens requirements.