Standard Lenses

R.J. Wilson, Inc. offers a wide range of standard lenses for area array and line-scan cameras. With the large variety of camera sensor types, pixel sizes, and other sensor parameters, selecting the proper lens will maximize the performance of the camera, and thus the vision system, by doing a better job resolving image details with the highest contrast. The lens is generally the “gatekeeper” in terms of the camera being able to make full use of its resolution and pixel size.

Let us assist you in selecting the appropriate lens by considering the field-of-view requirements, the working distance based on your working envelope, and the resolving capability of the lens to match the camera’s resolution, sensor model and size, mounting, and pixel size specifications. We offer the top brands to help you specify the ideal lens configuration for your project.

  • S-mount
  • C-mount
  • F-mount
  • M-Mount
  • Large-format lenses for line-scan sensors up to 90mm length

Lenses are available for visible light imaging, ultra-violet imaging, near-infrared, and medium-range infrared applications.

Fujinon Lens Highlights

Fujinon CF-ZA-1S Series

Fujinon’s CFZA-1S Series of lenses supports the larger 1.1” sensor format and pixel sizes down to 2.5µm. These lenses have been designed to provide improved relative illumination and clarity from the image center to the periphery. 

Lens performance is especially critical when imaging with smaller sensor pixels. The small chief ray angle ensures that the light rays reach the pixels to provide clear and bright images across the camera sensor. 

The CF-ZA lenses have been designed for ruggedness, with unique,  patented anti-vibration construction to perform under the harshest  industrial conditions. Please view the Fujinon video for more information on this. 

Tamron Lens Highlights


When developing new camera sensors, manufacturers know that the lens used is the most significant factor in getting top camera performance. Tamron has been around for decades and a is a key partner of Sony, who is the 2nd largest shareholder in Tamron. When Sony develops a new camera sensor, they count on Tamron to develop lenses tuned specifically for the new camera sensors. 

Tamron M111FM SERIES

As camera sensors get physically larger and provide resolutions of up to 12MP, a high-quality lens makes a visible difference in the quality of the captured image. The Tamron M111FM series is a 1.1” format lens that provides edge-to-edge clarity and contrast across the field-of-view. Locking screws, as well as small set screws, are provided to lock in the lens settings.

The M111FM lens are available from 8mm to 50mm and feature high-performance even at the minimum working distance of 300mm (400mm for the 50mm lens).

Tamron M111FM Series 

Tamron M117FM SERIES

The newest camera sensors feature pixels as small as 2.4µm, so it’s important to use a lens that provides the resolving power to maximize camera performance when analyzing small features. The new Tamron M117FM series is a 1/1.7” format 6-megapixel rated lens. These lenses are compatible with sensors such as the new Sony IMX537, IMX547, and the IMX567 (1/1.8” 5MP, 2.74µm pixels) and the IMX178 (1/1.8”, 6MP, 2.4µm pixels), as well as smaller camera sensors.

The M117FM Series lenses are available from 6mm to 50mm and feature a newly-designed anti-vibration construction method to limit optical deflection to within 10µm, while withstanding vibrations up to 10G. These lenses provide a high-value combination of cost and performance.

Tamron M117FM Series 

Tamron M112FM Series

Many 5MP cameras feature 2/3” and 1/1.2” sensors, with a pixel size of 3.45µm. A new, more economical 1/1.2” format lens option from Tamron provides 5MP-rated lenses at a lower costThe Tamron M112FM Series offers lenses from 6mm to 75mm and is compatible with both 1/1.2, 2/3, and smaller image sensors.

The image quality and contrast are excellent with this lens series. 

Tamron M112FM Series 


Moritex lenses are well-known for high image quality in machine vision applications. In addition to maintaining focus and contrast across the field-of-view, these factory automation lenses were developed to support today’s smaller sensors and smaller pixel sizes. The smaller an image pixel gets, the more important it is to use a lens that is properly matched to the camera sensor’s parameters.

As smaller pixel sizes expose the resolving limits of many industrial lenses, Moritex lenses have the 200lp/mm performance required to make the most of camera pixels in the 2.2µm size range.


The ML-M-UR Series of high resolving power 200lp/mm lenses supports sensors up to 2/3” size, with pixel sizes down to 2.2µm. The lenses are available in 6mm to 50mm focal lengths and are ideal for the latest small-pixel-size CMOS imagers.


The ML-MC-XR Series includes unique high-performance 200lp/mm macro lenses. They support pixel sizes down to 2.2µm and are compatible with camera sensor formats up to 1.2” format (19.3mm). These ‘macro’ lenses each work within a specified working distance range. 

To help visualize the field-of-view and working distance range of each lens, the table below shows the field-of-view at the extremes of the working distance range for each lens with a 1-inch format sensor. This includes sensors such as the Sony IMX183 (20MP, 5472 x 3648 pixels, 1” format, 2.4µm pixels). Smaller format camera sensors will reduce the field-of-view.

Moritex MXR Macro Lens

Download the Moritex Lens Guide to learn more.

VS Technology Lens Highlights 

VS Technology offers an extensive range of lens types, including telecentric, standard focal length, SWIR, high-magnification, and small and large-format lenses. Many lenses are available with built-in coaxial lighting ports.

VS Technology offers a number of SWIR lenses with coatings optimized for use in the 700nm-2,000nm range. Available SWIR lenses include:

Standard Focal Length Lenses

  • 1” format, 6mm – 50mm

Telecentric Lenses

  • 1” format
  • Optical Magnifications 1.0x / 1.5x / 2.0x / 3.0x / 4.0x
  • Variable aperture
  • 110-111mm WD
  • Coax port available

SWIR Lenses in Standard & Telecentric

 Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss your lens and camera requirements.