R.J. Wilson, Inc. has been involved in machine vision since the industry’s early days. In fact, we’re local to many of the OEM pioneers in the vision industry and worked with them to provide the cameras, lenses, filters, and lighting components to help them grow the industry.


Today, R.J. Wilson, Inc. is a technologist specializing in providing image formation components for machine vision and vision-guided robotics applications, including:

  • Industrial cameras
  • SWIR imaging cameras
  • Standard and telecentric lenses
  • Lens filters and polarizers
  • LED lighting
  • LED lighting controllers
  • Fiber optic lighting
  • Pattern projection for 3D or other uses
  • Flexible camera and light mounting systems
  • Camera Enclosures

It’s more efficient to create a high-quality image up-front than to count on software algorithms to compensate for a poor-quality image. We pride ourselves on maintaining a consultative approach to selecting the optimum imaging components for your application.

While R.J. Wilson, Inc. is best known for providing imaging components for machine vision, we also offer:

  • Programmable encoders
  • Programmable limit switches and press monitoring components
  • Vibration monitoring solutions for machine, cooling tower, & turbine protection
  • Photoelectric triggers for clear and opaque parts and labels
  • Safety mats
  • Industrial guarding
  • Laser protection eyewear and windows
  • Safety circuit tester

Rather than provide a laundry list of components to choose from on our web site, we prefer to provide tailored information and product highlights about the various technologies we support. We encourage conversations and work as a technology partner to understand your application requirements and recommend an image formation, machine control, sensing, or safety solution to fit. Quality, reliability, and expert factory support top our list when selecting brands to offer our customers.

Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss your goals and the component selection guidelines you need to work within.

Product Lines

Advanced Illumination – LED Lighting & Control, IP69K Lighting, Computational Imaging Lighting, Custom-Designed & Built Lighting & Electronics for Special Requirements and OEMs

Allison Park Group – Wash-Down Camera Enclosures, Protective Camera Enclosures

Autotech Controls – Programmable Limit Switches, Resolvers, Programmable Encoders, and Advanced Press Automation Monitors

Basler – Industrial Imaging Cameras, Medical Imaging Cameras, Microscopy Cameras, Polarization Cameras, Line Scan Cameras, CoaXPress Cameras, Gig-E Cameras, USB3.0 Cameras

CCS America – LED Lighting & Control, Flat Dome Light, Computational Imaging Lighting, High Color-Rendering LEDs, Very High Brightness Strobe Systems, LED-Based Fiber Optic Light Source

Dolan-Jenner – Fiber Optic Lighting & Accessories

Effilux – LED Lighting Products, Including Bars, Domes, Front Diffuse Lights, Linear Lights, Spot Lights, Ring Lights, and Pattern Projectors, SWIR Lighting

Fiberoptics Technology – High-Power Fiber Optic Light Sources and Custom Fiber Optics

Fujinon – C-Mount Lenses, High-Resolution Lenses for 1.1-Inch Format

Gardasoft Vision – LED Lighting Controllers, Triniti™ Light Controllers with Browser-Based Software, Sequence Controllers

Goyo – C-Mount Lenses, High-Resolution Lenses for 1.1-Inch Format, SWIR Lenses, Quartz Lenses

Laservison – Laser Safety Windows, Laser Safety Eyewear

Metaphase – LED Lighting & Control, Triniti™-Compatible Lights, SWIR Lighting, Hyperspectral Lighting

Metrix – Vibration & Seismic Sensors, Shaft Position Sensing Systems, Cables, Probes, Self-Contained Vibration-Monitoring Display

Midwest Optics – Optical Filters, Filter Evaluation Kits, Extension Tubes, Step-Up and Step-Down Rings, 90° Mirrors, SWIR Wire Grid Linear Lens Polarizer, SWIR Wire Grid Linear Polarizer Film

Miller Edge – Safety Mats, Edge Sensors

Moritex – C-Mount Lenses, High-Resolution Lenses for 1.1-Inch Format, High Magnification Lenses, Telecentric Lenses, Large-Format Lenses

Navitar – Visible Light and SWIR-Coated High Magnification Zoom and Fixed Lens Systems, High Magnification Lenses with Motorized Zoom and Fine-Focus, C-Mount Lenses, Microscope Objectives for High-Magnification Lenses, SWIR Lenses

Opto Engineering – Telecentric Lenses, Telecentric Lenses with Built-in Coaxial Lighting, 360° Imaging Lenses, Hole Inspection Lenses, Borescope Lenses, Telecentric LED Lighting, Very-High-Resolution Cameras

Pixelink – Industrial Imaging Cameras, HDR Imaging Cameras, Polarization Cameras, Microscopy Cameras, OEM Camera Modules, Image Capture Software for Microscopy

Schott – Fiber Optic Lighting & Accessories

Smart Vision Lights – LED Lighting Products, Including Bars, Domes, Front Diffuse Lights, Linear Lights, Spot Lights, Ring Lights, and Pattern Projectors, SWIR Lighting, Triniti™-Compatible Lights

Spectrum Illumination – LED Lighting & Control, Large Dome Lights, Multi-Wavelength Dome Lights, Large Ring Lights, Field-Changeable LED Lenses and Diffusers for Spectrum Ring & Bar Lights

Stronguard – Heavy-Duty Machine Guarding Systems

SWIR Vision Systems – Short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging cameras, operating from 400nm to 1,700nm and beyond. Lower-cost CQDTM imagers with resolutions from 640 X 480 to 1920 X 1024 pixels, in Gig-E and USB3.0

Swivellink – Flexible Camera, Lighting, and Sensor Mounting Systems, Flexible End-Effector Assembly Components, Lab Test Kit, Available in Metric and Imperial, Robot Mounting Pedestals

Tamron – C-Mount Lenses, High-Resolution Lenses for 1/1.2-inch & 1.1-Inch Formats

Techniquip – Fiber Optics & LED lighting, Custom Lighting Design and Production for OEMs

TPL Vision – LED Lighting and Control, Bar Light with Adjustable Output Curve Across the Bar for Improved Homogeneity, Backlight with Matte Black Appearance When Off-White When On, Optical Trigger to Enable Smart Cameras with Built-in Lighting to Utilize External Lighting

Tri-Tronics – Photoelectric Sensors

VS Technology – Telecentric Lenses, High-Magnification Lenses, C-Mount Lenses, Large Format Lenses, Macro Lenses, SWIR Lenses