About R.J. Wilson

R.J. Wilson, Inc. focuses on providing imaging components and configurations for industrial, machine vision, scientific, and medical imaging applications. We offer selected lenses & filters, lighting, cameras, and accessories from the top brands in the industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining a consultative approach to selecting the optimum imaging components for your application. R.J. Wilson, Inc. will work with you to discuss and qualify the goals and requirements of your application, understand any mechanical limitations, consider the image processing and inspection goals, and work within your budgetary constraints.

Rather than provide a laundry list of components and parts to choose from on our web site, we prefer to work as a technology partner, understanding your application requirements and tailoring an image formation solution to fit. There are thousands of combinations of camera, lens, and lighting configurations available to address your requirements. R.J. Wilson, Inc. offers decades of real-world experience in helping you to select the ideal image formation technologies for integration into complex machine vision inspection, industrial, scientific, and medical imaging solutions.

About RJ Wilson