It all starts with an image

R.J. Wilson, Inc. is a technologist specializing in image formation components for machine vision and vision-guided robotics.

We offer LED lighting and controllers, laser pattern projectors, standard, telecentric, and high-magnification lenses, lens filters, camera enclosures, selected cameras, and accessories.

Machine vision projects, even those using AI and Deep Learning, are more reliable when quality images are used for training and when in use. Anecdotally, proper lighting is 80% of a successful imaging configuration. Lighting and optics for machine vision are our specialties. We’re ready to discuss your application, explore the available hardware options, help minimize development time, facilitate testing to increase confidence, and provide the selected components. R.J. Wilson, Inc. offers products from the top manufacturers in the imaging industry.

In addition to imaging products, R.J. Wilson, Inc. offers photoelectric, vibration sensing, and proximity sensor products, as well as safety mats and industrial guarding to help define machine safety perimeters. We offer selected machine control products, including programmable encoders, resolvers, and limit switches.

We Don’t Compete with Our Customers

To our system integrator partners and vision system OEMs: We don’t compete with you.

We don’t sell image analysis software, vision systems, or integrated on-line inspection solutions. We are here to make you successful by supporting your efforts to optimize your imaging systems. We’ll work with you to create the best possible imaging configuration for your project, including helping you evaluate key image formation components before finalizing the BOM.

We work with OEMs, systems integrators, machine builders, and end-users. If you see a technology or component that will help you address an online inspection issue, we’d like to discuss your project requirements in more detail.

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R.J. Wilson, Inc. prides itself on maintaining a consultative approach to selecting the optimum imaging components for your automatic inspection, robot guidance, or other application.