Autotech Controls for Machines & Presses

Smart-Encoder™ Programmable Encoders from Autotech Enhance Performance Functions While Reducing Stock Room Inventory Requirements

For more than a quarter century, Autotech has supplied encoders for rugged applications under harsh environmental conditions that include mechanical shock, vibrations, extreme temperature and humidity changes, oil mists, coolants, and solvents.

One of the most common requests is to have a programmable encoder that can be easily configured without a computer and software, so that the plant’s stock room is not having to contend with maintaining an inventory of tens of specific part numbers for different encoders that require a laptop and special cables to program them.

Autotech’s new Smart-Encoders permit on-machine programming of:

  • Position – Sets and shows the actual (scaled) position.
  • Resolution – Programmable encoder resolution, up to 4096 counts per turn
  • Programmable code format: BCD, Binary, and Gray
  • Direction – Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise

Autotech Smart-Encoder™

Smart-Encoders have a built-in display and a simple two-button interface to configure the encoder parameters right on the machine without needing a laptop or any software. The Smart-EncoderTM is a totally new and innovative concept in machine position monitoring and control.
  • The Smart-Encoder lineup offers drop-in replacements for over 800 encoders from major manufacturers like BEI, Dynapar, Encoder Products, AB, and so on (mechanical & electrical form, fit, and function).
  • The Smart-Encoder is available with the most common connectors found on the market, further enhancing its capability as a drop-in replacement for many brands of encoders
  • A built-in 4-Digit LED display uses 2 push-buttons to program the Smart-Encoder without a PC or software
  • NEMA 4/4X, submersible, and explosion-proof housing options
  • Available in Absolute, Incremental, End-mount, Side-mount, Servo-mount, Flange-mount, and in Sizes 25 or 40
Autotech products are “Made in the USA”. Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss your requirements and help you streamline your inventory of encoders. Autotech is also a leading provider of resolvers, programmable limit switches, and advanced press automation monitors.

Download these documents for additional information on Autotech Controls Smart-Encoder