Laser pattern generators

R.J. Wilson, Inc. is a dealer for Coherent, a U.S. manufacturer of precision laser line pattern generators. Coherent has been building powerful production and marking lasers for decades. Its laser line generators are used to project precise, straight laser lines with a choice of wavelength, output power, and fan angle.

The projected lines are used with a machine vision system to enable the imaging of defects, detecting presence, defining edges, highlighting gaps, mirroring a shape, or creating a datum edge when a mechanical edge is not visible in the field-of-view.

Coherent’s StingRay, with patented Premier Flat-Top Line Technology, distributes the light into an exceptionally uniform line with sharp ends. This provides a higher signal-to-noise ratio along the line, with superior contained power of ≥95% within the projected line.

StingRay’s options include:

  • 405 nm, 450nm, 488nm, 520nm, 525nm, 639nm, 640nm, 655nm, 660nm, 685nm, 785, and 830 nm wavelengths are available.
  • Output power options (in mW) are wavelength-dependent and available from 1mW up to 200 mW.
  • Nine choices for the fan angle at which the line expands out from the laser.
      • This is the length of flat top profile, measured at 80% intensity and reported in degrees for the fan angle.
      •  1°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°. 
  • User focusable/lockable.
  • Always-on Continuous Wave or Analog or Digital modulation available.
  • RS-232 control option, the user may monitor hours of use, adjust laser output power, and measure the laser’s temperature.
  • ESD protection, over-temperature protection, and reverse polarity protection

The Coherent Mini

Coherent’s Mini has the smallest dimensions available on the market for a diode laser producing uniform intensity lines. This is a reduction in size, not in capabilities. It is designed for years of reliable operation in systems where size and weight are a limitation. Coherent’s patented line-generating optics have been integrated into the Mini to project a high-performance uniform line. The Mini is 10 mm in diameter and is ESD-protected, reverse-polarity protected, and over-temperature protected.

Mini options include:

  •  640nm, 660nm, 685nm, and 785nm wavelengths are available.
  •  Output power options (in mW) are wavelength-dependent and available from 1mW up to 35 mW.
  •  Fan angle options include 1°, 5°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°.
  •  Parallel lines or dot projections available.
  •  User focusable/lockable.
  •  Modulation available only with remote driver.
Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss your laser pattern projection requirements at [email protected] or at 781-335-5500.