Laser pattern generators

R.J. Wilson, Inc. is a dealer for Z-Laser, a German manufacturer of precision laser pattern generators. Z-LASER’s product range includes lasers for positioning, lasers for machine vision, laser projectors, and OEM custom-designed laser projection systems.

Z-Laser products are built using an automated production process in which all optical components are aligned by a high-accuracy robot. This provides unrivalled accuracy and reproducibility of beam quality, with a boresight error of less than 0.8 mrad (fixed focus).

Lasers for image processing are used as structured illumination in many machine vision applications. The lasers are used in combination with an industrial camera to detect and measure defects, presence, diameter, edges, gaps and more, including the creation of a datum point when a mechanical datum point is not visible in the field-of-view.

Line lasers are available with homogeneous and thin line projections in a variety of projected patterns (single & multi lines, points, dot grids, grid structures, random patterns, etc.). The lasers are available in a range of wavelengths, from 405nm to 830nm, and at various optical output powers.

In terms of optical output power, the higher the power, the brighter the pattern projection. For static and slow-moving applications, a low-power laser can be used while remaining within eye-safe limits. For demanding applications such as railroad track inspection, the laser projection needs to overcome sunlight while running at high-speed, requiring much higher output power to create a visible line for each image acquisition.

ZX20 Product Family

This is Z-Laser’s flagship high-precision laser module, offering:

· IP 67 rating.

· Fan angles from 5° to 90°.

· Optical output power < 1mW to 250mW.

· Wavelengths from 405 – 830 nm.

· Optional tool-free manual focus.

· TTL modulation up to 400 kHz.

· Analog intensity control.

· I²C, RS-232 (5 V) communication.

· Stainless steel housing.

The easiest way to control a ZX module with a PC is with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) provided by Z-LASER. A standard command line interface can also be used through a serial connection.

ZXS Product Family

The ZXS products are the same as those in the ZX20 family, but with separate electronics to enable the user to mount the laser individually.

ZXS-OEM Series

The ZXS-OEM is a flexible laser module that may be customized both for laser projection and electronics design. Options are available for every facet of fabrication for OEMs needing projected laser patterns in some form.

· Repeatable product performance due to automated production processes.

· Highest reproducibility of beam quality.

· Optical output power < 1mW to 250mW.

· Wavelengths from 405 – 830 nm.

· Manually focus options.

· TTL modulation up to 150 kHz.

· Analog intensity control.

To better support OEMs in reducing cost and form factor, the driver electronics circuit can be integrated directly into the customer’s PCB design, with the Z-Laser software running under license. The now-embedded laser system also provides the means to receive predictive maintenance information, such as flagging a calculated imminent EOL (end of life) situation.

ZQ1 Compact High-Performance Laser

The ZQ1 structured light laser has been developed for the most demanding measurement applications in the market. When high output power, exceptional beam performance, and industrial design are required, the ZQ1 series is the right choice.

The ZQ1 is certified according to the Railway Standard DIN EN 61373:2011-04.

· Optical output power up to 2,500 mW (IR).

· Manually focusable.

· Standard wavelengths from 405 – 808 nm.

· Integrated active cooling.

· TTL modulation up to 200 kHz.

· Analog intensity control.

· IP 67 and shock/vibration-proof.

· PC control via Graphical User Interface (GUI) or serial communication.

The control software uses an RS-232 or I2C communication protocol. You can connect the ZQ1 Laser direct to the serial interface on the PC or with a USB-RS232 Adapter.

The ZQ1 GUI provides options to control, change, and monitor the main features and parameters of the laser projector. The on-time counter is an excellent tool to analyze laser aging and for preventive maintenance to reduce down-time.


Laser projection systems from Z-Laser provide a wide range of application possibilities. Z-Laser’s engineers are ready to work with our OEM customers to custom-design lasers and electronics to better integrate them into their systems and reduce cost and complexity.

Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss your laser pattern projection requirements at [email protected] or at 781-335-5500.