Tri-Tronics Photoelectric Sensors

TRI-TRONICS designs and manufactures high-quality high-performance photoelectric sensors and fiber optic light guides for a broad array of demanding industrial automation applications. The performance of TRI-TRONICS sensors in real-world applications sets them apart from the competition. What could your application gain from an order of magnitude improvement in sensor performance? Compare a TRI-TRONICS sensor with output performance measurable in microseconds against competing products with output performance measurable in milliseconds.

Whether you are configuring a label sensor, a sleever, a bottler, an industrial process, high-speed line, a machine vision system, or pretty much anything that needs to signal some type of photoelectric state change to operate, TRI-TRONICS has the right photoelectric sensor to make your project a success.

R.J. Wilson, Inc. and the TRI-TRONICS Team will work with you to select the most appropriate photoelectric sensor, based on your application requirements, or to replace existing photoelectric sensors found on most OEM machines.