Safety Mats

Miller Edge Safety Mats Provide Perimeter and Area Guarding

Manufacturing plants often include areas surrounding machinery that pose a hazard or threat to personnel or equipment if entered while the machine or robot is running.

Miller Edge pressure-sensitive safety mats are placed on the floor as a perimeter guard around a press, robot, or a hazardous area.

Safety Mats Delineate Dangerous Areas and Will Stop the Process When Crossed

Perimeter guards are used to create a barrier to entrance into a hazardous area. Often, “hard guards”, such as fencing, are used for this purpose. In some situations, these types of guards may not be desirable as they may also obstruct sight-lines.

The ME 151 Guardian Mats® from Miller Edge may be used for area and perimeter guarding, surrounding potentially hazardous plant equipment or creating a “safe zone” to signal equipment to stop before a person enters the hazardous area.

These presence-sensing mats operate on the principle of a basic normally-open switch. When a specified weight is applied to the mat, the inner flexible contact elements touch and “close” the switch. Typically, these mats are wired to the emergency motor controls or a safety relay to signal the equipment to stop.

Fail Safe Wiring

Miller Edge safety mats are available in 2-wire and 4-wire configurations. Optional safety relay controllers are used to monitor the safety inputs from the mat. If the wiring is cut or there is a fault in the mat system, a signal is sent to the motor controls to stop operation.

Miller Edge products are manufactured in the USA to nearly any specified shape and size and can be wired in series to create a larger coverage area.

For additional information, to start designing a safety mat solution, or to discuss your safety requirements, please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc.