Specialty Lenses

SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) Lenses

SWIR lenses are specifically designed and coated for imaging in SWIR (short-wave infrared) wavelengths and will improve focusing and image contrast to make the most of the SWIR camera’s resolution. The SWIR coating is optimized for imaging in the 700-2,000nm range.

Factory automation lenses for SWIR imaging are available as standard and telecentric lenses in a range of focal lengths, magnifications, and camera mounts from our lens partners at Goyo, Navitar, Opto Engineering, SWIR Vision Systems, VS Technology, and others.

SWIR lenses are available as:

If your application requires SWIR imaging, R.J. Wilson, Inc. works with camera, lens, and lighting experts to provide a complete solution. Contact us today.

SWIR Lenses, Standard & Telecentric

Lenses for 360° Inspection of
Cylindrical Objects with a Single Camera

It has always been challenging to view 360° around a cylindrical object or to view the sidewalls inside a bore. R.J. Wilson, Inc. and Opto-Engineering offer single-camera solutions for many advanced inspection requirements involving a cylindrical object.

Whether you need to view the top and outer circumference of a cylinder, such as a can or vial, or the inside diameter of a bore or threaded nut using a single imaging camera:

1) The imaging process becomes more controllable
2) Synchronization of a high-speed line becomes much more straightforward with a single camera
3) There may be cost benefits to simplifying the imaging configuration with a purpose-built lens
4) Image processing functions are available to “un-warp” and “un-wrap” the images to extract features or read barcodes.
5) These lenses are ideal for robot-guided viewing and tracking of objects that are difficult to inspect on a moving conveyor or cannot be guided or fixtured, such as when inspecting cylinders.

Lens configurations are available for:

  • 360° imaging, including top and outside circumference
  • 360° imaging, outside circumference only
  • 360° imaging for internal inspection of holes, such as in a threaded hole
  • 360° imaging for viewing the inner wall of a cylinder, such as in an engine block

Cylinder and Bore Inspection

Pericentric Lenses Enable Top and Sides Inspection of a Container with a Single Camera