Standard Cameras

R.J. Wilson, Inc. provides cameras from Basler and Pixelink. Both offer a variety of camera models using many of the major industry sensors, in a number of sensor sizes, in a range of resolutions, and with the major digital interface options.

Pixelink cameras are available with an on-board FPGA to offload some of the image processing from the PC to the camera, such as when applying filters or pre-processing the image. Pixelink’s software team is ready to customize their cameras as needed to meet your application requirements.

For OEMs needing to tightly specify a camera configuration, Pixelink can build almost anything from a board level camera module to a module with a lens mount and a special connector, to a full camera, AND they have the custom software engineering expertise to get the most from your camera configuration.

The Basler ace series is one of the most comprehensive lines of compact cameras in the industry. ace imaging solutions include:

  •  Area scan cameras in color and monochrome
  •  Compact, most are 29mm “cubes”
  •  A variety of sensor types, formats, and resolutions
  •  Gig-E, USB3, and Camera Link interfaces
  •  A new series of MED ace cameras for the medical and life sciences market, built in a dedicated facility to ISO 13485:2016 standards.
    •  Full control of the color space is provided to set the perfect color parameters for the highest color fidelity.
Basler Full Line Picture

APG Camera Enclosures

If your inspection system must operate in a wet or dangerous environment, the cameras likely need to be housed in a special enclosure for protection. APG has been building top-quality enclosures for decades. These enclosures are available for most any camera model and size, from the larger Smart Cameras to the smaller component cameras.

Enclosures are available with varying degrees of protection and include:

  • Basic protection from tampering
  • Splash-proof requirements to NEMA 12 for light-to-medium duty protection
  • Food and wash-down environments up to IP69
  • Protection from corrosive environments to IP67
  • High-heat applications, to 550° F, requiring a liquid-cooled enclosure
  • Explosion-proof enclosures

Accessories, such as pan/tilt mounts and cord grips, are available.