CCS Introduces Its One-of-a-Kind LFXV Series Flat Dome Lights

With hundreds of lighting options on the market, it’s rare to come upon a completely unique light. The LFXV Series Flat Dome Light from CCS America is the only light of its type and better addresses many diffuse lighting requirements.

First, what is a flat dome? We’re all familiar with a typical dome light. They’re great for creating diffuse lighting environments that minimize specular reflections from uneven surfaces, remove reflections from plastic wraps, and change the appearance of surface texture. However, their mechanical size and the nature of imaging through a small hole in the top limit their effective use.

A flat dome does the same thing and more. Rather than being in the shape of a dome, it’s a 10mm thick side-fired flat light with very small printed features that reflect light downward across the entire surface, providing a diffuse lighting environment without interfering with the imaging process. The image is taken through the flat dome. The area above the flat dome is wide open, greatly increasing the options for working distance, depth-of-focus, and field-of-view. There is also no hole to reflect off the imaged surface or to limit the lens options, as with a standard dome light.

The existing LFX3 and the new LFXV Series Flat Domes are available in 4 colors (red, white, blue, and infrared), and a range of sizes from 25 X 25mm to 200 X 200mm.

To the right are examples of how the CCS Flat Domes enhance the appearance of various surfaces to enable better machine vision:

Unlike a typical dome light, changing the working distance of the flat dome above the workpiece results in the enhancement of some features, rather than becoming un-usable.

For additional information on the CCS Flat Domes and to arrange an evaluation of your samples, please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. at 781-335-5500 or [email protected].