Changing LED Lighting Lenses in the Field! Spectrum Illumination Provides Easy Changeability of the LED Lenses and Diffusers to Optimize Your Application

The development of a lighting solution for a machine vision application can be an iterative experience as new parts or other system factors are introduced into the solution requirements. When the lighting solution is ordered, the most LED customization available is typically whether the lenses on the LEDs are wide, narrow, or standard.

In addition, there is typically a single diffuser available for the front of the light, whether it’s clear, has a slight diffusing ripple, or is a full diffuser.

Only Spectrum Illumination offers easily changeable lenses and diffusers for many of its LED-based bar lights, brick lights, ring lights, and spot lights. This is not only ideal for lab use and project development, but with the flexibility and adjustability of swapping lenses and diffusers out in seconds, the lighting can be further optimized after installation without changing out the whole light!


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