New CCS LED Produces Flatter Spectral Output from 400nm to 900nm

A proprietary, single-LED illumination source that provides a relatively flat spectrum of light between 400nm and 900nm has been developed by CCS.

These Hyperspectral LEDs provide exceptionally high spatial and spectral uniformity because it is a single-point-source LED, meaning all wavelengths come from the same spatial origin, eliminating wavelength-dependent angular absorption effects or uneven coverage.

Hyperspectral LEDs are being integrated into a range of lighting configurations from Effilux, a product group within CCS. These lights will be available in a range of form factors, including bar lights, ring lights, backlights, flat dome lights, line lights, projectors, and more to address specific imaging requirements and inspection environments.

For monochrome imaging situations where the best LED wavelength response from the subject changes or is unknown, the Hyperspectral LED offers the ability to use a single light source and to filter the camera’s image as needed to achieve the desired result.

For color machine vision imaging, lights using the Hyperspectral LEDs provide a flatter output spectrum. For a 3-chip camera, this may result in a more realistic-looking color image because the various lighting wavelengths are more equally represented, minimizing software corrections to the white balance. Compare this to a typical white LED, which has a spike in the blue wavelengths and falloff in the red wavelengths.

Typical White LED Output Spectrum

Hyperspectral LEDs have the added benefit of producing near-IR light, useful for cameras that include an additional IR-sensitive sensor.

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