High Magnification Without Sacrificing Image Quality

When a small field-of-view is required, it’s common to use a standard C-mount lens and an extension tube to create a smaller field-of-view and reduce the working distance. At some point, though, the application may call for a true high-magnification lens system, such as Navitar’s Precise Eye system.

Navitar’s Precise Eye modular series of fixed high-magnification lenses is for sensors up to 2/3” format and approximately 5 megapixels resolution. By using a core fixed lens (or zoom lens) with the appropriate adapter tube and lens attachment or infinity corrected objective, a target field-of-view at a specified working distance can be achieved. In addition, coaxial lighting can be included in these lens configurations, using a standard 8mm port.

  • The Precise Eye Lens series is designed specifically to provide high resolution, diffraction-limited performance for high magnification fixed applications.
  • The Precise Eye lens has a lower effective F number than most high-magnification “stick” lenses, resulting in an improved match between the lens and the camera’s pixel size, improving the ability of the imaging configuration to resolve smaller details.

The Navitar Precise Eye series offers magnification factors between 0.23X and 89X. The working distance ranges from 13mm up to 356mm, dictated by the lens attachment or objective used on the front of the lens. These lenses provide a fixed aperture, fixed focus, and fixed working distance to provide the best image quality at high magnification.

  • A key mechanical benefit of using the Precise Eye lenses is that the working distance and overall Precise Eye configuration length do not change when switching between the various lens adapter tubes, including the 0.5X, 0,67X, 1X, 1.33X, and 2X.
  • The ability to maintain the same working distance from the end of the lens to the workpiece, while being able to change the upper adapter tube without changing the overall system dimensions, is a significant benefit when designing the Precise Eye into an application, knowing the magnification requirements may change in the future.

Please click here for the Precise Eye Fixed Field-of-View Matrix and Precise Eye System Diagram.

Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. at 781-335-5500 or [email protected] to discuss your application requirements to see if a Precise Eye lens configuration can help you provide improved high-magnification performance for your inspection system.