The New SmartVisionLink™ Technology Platform Enables LED Light Control at Your Fingertips

Smart Vision Lights recently unveiled its revolutionary new SmartVisionLink™ Bluetooth® wireless connectivity platform.

Using SVL’s new BTM-1000 Bluetooth® module, this new technology allows remote adjustment of compatible Smart Vision lights through a downloadable smartphone app. The new platform allows for remote adjustment of multiple LED sources or even individual zones of multi-zone lights via the app’s controls from up to 20 meters away, eliminating the need to manually adjust hard-to-reach light sources or light controllers.

Lights do need to be SmartVisionLink™ enabled and a BTM-1000 module is required for app-to-light communication. This new platform is compatible with all of SVL’s new NanoDrive™ technology lights. Keep an eye out for the app download in the Apple App and Google Play stores soon!

For more information, please give us a call 781-335-5500 or email [email protected]!