TPL Vision’s Angle Changers Provide Bar Lights with Unprecedented Flexibility to Optimize the Even Coverage of a Large Area During & After Installation

Why is this important?

It’s challenging to configure a front lighting solution that provides even and uniform illumination across a large field-of-view, say from 12” X 8” / 300mmX 225mm) up to 72” X 54” / 1,828mm X 1,371mm. We’re assuming multiple bar lights will be used as the FOV gets larger.

For many applications, the light-of-choice to cover a large area is the bar light.

  • Bar lights come in a wide range of lengths, light emission angles, and diffusion levels.
    • Many bar lights must be ordered with these parameters fixed into a configuration that cannot be changed after the fact.
  • No matter the specific configuration selected, most bar lights produce higher-intensity light near the center and less intensity near the ends, resulting in brightness and coverage variations across the acquired image.
    • Because of these variations, the features-of-interest may be illuminated differently depending on their position within the larger field-of-view, potentially reducing the effectiveness of trained search models and vision tools.
    • Angle Changers address this.

What are Angle Changers?

Angle Changers are 125mm long and securely clip into channels within the light’s metal housing. They are used with TPL Vision’s M-EBAR and E-Bar series (with 7° LEDs) to change the angle of illumination and the amount of diffusion provided for each 125mm section along the length of the bar light.

  • The “Curve Effect“ can be achieved by reducing the light intensity and adding diffusion where it’s needed along the bar light.
  • The angle changers can be mixed and matched along the length of the bar lights to achieve the Curve Effect required.
  • The Angle Changers can be changed without uninstalling the bar light.

What Angle Changer Options are Available?

The 7° lenses on the LEDs direct light precisely into the angle changers, which then output the light at:

  • Narrow – +/-10°
  • Medium – +/-17°
  • Wide – +/-25°
  • Line illumination for Line Scan – 9°vertical, +/-16° horizontal

What TPL Vision Bar Light Lengths are Available for Use with the Angle Changers?

  • TPL Vision’s M-EBAR modular bar lights are available up to 500mm in length and provide a built-in driver that provides both continuous-on and overdrive strobe modes.
  • TPL Vision’s EBAR+ series bar lights are available from 125mm to 1250mm in length and are available with driver options for constant-on and overdrive strobe use.

For more information on the TPL Vision Angle Changers and Bar Lights, please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. at 781-335-5500 or [email protected].