Tiny and Flexible 64mm Bar Lights from TPL Vision

For improved control of the lighting in a confined space, the new Tiny M-TBAR from TPL Vision provides flexibility not available from other small bar lights:

· TPL Angle Changer compatible – Angle changers both diffuse and control the angle of the light beam, mitigating reflections and more precisely directing the light where it’s needed.

· The beam angle control and light diffusion provide flexibility for close-up or longer working distance use in a tight mechanical environment.

· Polarizer available with an Angle Changer.

· Auto-strobe Overdrive provides a 4X intensity boost when the light is triggered for <10ms, especially useful with a polarizer.

· IP67-rated for dusty and wash-down environments.

For more information on the TPL Vision Angle Changers and Bar Lights, please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. at 781-335-5500 or [email protected].