Robot Pedestals


It’s difficult to find a local welding shop with expertise in building robot pedestals. This is one of Swivellink’s specialties. Swivellink’s robot pedestals are built to be stable and solid, tolerating the high torque levels involved with supporting a moving robot.

Swivellink’s pedestals for cobots and industrial robots range from 24” to 48” tall, in 6” increments, and provide a high-strength mounting plate and base.

Standard Line Pedestal Torque Tolerances

· Max Allowable Vertical Moment 2000 (Nm)

· Max Allowable Horizontal Moment 1500 (Nm)

A customer-specified robot mounting pattern is machined into the top plate of the robot pedestal. The Standard Line of pedestals requires the robot’s mounting base to fit on an 11″x11″ plate.

If you’d like to start preparing the robot mounting plate drawing, please download a blank copy here:


When a larger robot mounting plate and base are needed and higher torque forces will be produced by a larger robot, Swivellink will fabricate a fully custom pedestal to the customer’s specification.

Swivellink will analyze your dimensioned concept drawing, the robot model, and your detailed drawing of the robot mounting pattern to help finalize a design for a stable robot pedestal. Swivellink will work with R.J. Wilson, Inc. to provide a quotation and lead time.

Upon the receipt of a purchase order, the customer will sign off on the final acceptance drawing provided by Swivellink prior to the start of fabrication. Lead time is based on receipt of the signed approval drawing. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the signed approval drawing, as Swivellink will build what the customer has approved.

Swivellink will develop a STEP file, after receipt of the sign-off, for the robot pedestal so it may be modeled into place.

The customer is responsible for all trucking freight charges. All Swivellink robot pedestals ship by truck from its facility in Hicksville, OH. Customers may also arrange for freight pickup at Swivellink’s facility. Swivellink will provide the final size and weight. Please note that these orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable, as the robot pedestals are made-to-order..

Please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. to discuss your robot pedestal requirements at [email protected] or call 781-335-5500.