EFFI-FLEX Bar Lights Come in Extra-Long and Offer Uniquely Adjustable (after purchase) Emission Angle and Faceplate Diffusion Options

It’s challenging to specify the optimum bar light configuration in advance of having an actual machine and samples to test with. Typically, bar lights need to be ordered with narrow, medium, or wide lenses on the LEDs and offer a fixed diffusion level faceplate.

With the EFFI-FLEX bar lights from Effilux, the LED emission angle and face plate diffusion can be changed as needed. As shown below, each light includes a focusing lens inside that can be adjusted in position to control the emission angle of the light beam.

In addition, three different diffusing windows are included in a kit to more easily design an optimal lighting solution. This flexibility is ideal for “tuning in” the lighting, working distance, and diffusion characteristics to optimize the scene. 

EFFI-FLEX Bar Lights:

  • Available from 20mm – 1,400mm+ optical length with 1- 70 LEDs single-spaced
  • Available from 200mm – 2,800mm+ optical length with 5 – 70 LEDs, spaced 1 LED every 2 positions along the length of the bar light
  • Emission angle of the light can be adjusted from 90° to 10° after purchase
  • Choice of clear, semi-diffuse, or diffuse front windows
  • Integrated controller with AutoStrobe feature, allowing for 300% increased intensity while being strobed, when compared to continuous mode
    • A special-order driver is available to provide only the constant-on intensity range upon power-up
  • Available wavelengths:
    • UV 365nm – No lens & special PMMA window
    • UV 405nm
    • Blue 465nm
    • Green 525nm
    • Red 625nm
    • IR 850nm
    • White, 5,500°K
  • M12 connector
  • Bar lights are built into extruded aluminum for simple mounting – One T-slot on the back for 8mm T-nut (M6 recommended), and one slot on the side for M6 hex nut
  • IP50 Rating
  • Polarizer option
  • Line generator film option

For additional information on the EFFI-FLEX Bar Lights or to arrange an evaluation, please contact R.J. Wilson, Inc. at 781-335-5500 or [email protected].