Month: June 2020

TPL Vision’s Angle Changers Provide Bar Lights with Unprecedented Flexibility to Optimize the Even Coverage of a Large Area During & After Installation

Why is this important? It’s challenging to configure a front lighting solution that provides even and uniform illumination across a large field-of-view, say from 12” X 8” / 300mmX 225mm) up to 72” X 54” / 1,828mm X 1,371mm. We’re assuming multiple bar lights will be used as the FOV gets larger. For many applications, […]

Written by on 30 June, 2020

SWIR Imaging 101: What Can it do for You?

R.J. Wilson, Inc. is offering cameras from SWIR Vision Systems to expand the range of applications that can be addressed using Short Wave Infrared imaging (SWIR). These cameras feature patented CQDTM Sensors based on colloidal quantum dot (CQD) technology, with thin film photodiodes fabricated monolithically on CMOS-based silicon readout arrays. CQD technology reduces the cost […]

Written by on 12 June, 2020