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BL2 Series Backlight from Advanced Illumination – 2X Brightness, Improved Uniformity, and Stronger Structure

AI’s new BL2 Series backlights break new ground in brightness and scalability. The BL2 Series provides a highly uniform and high intensity, diffuse backlight source. It offers twice the brightness of the original BL Series without a price increase. · Wavelengths include 470nm, 530nm, 625nm, and 850nm, plus white. · Light uniformity is improved, even […]

Written by on 14 June, 2023

Tiny and Flexible 64mm Bar Lights from TPL Vision

For improved control of the lighting in a confined space, the new Tiny M-TBAR from TPL Vision provides flexibility not available from other small bar lights: · TPL Angle Changer compatible – Angle changers both diffuse and control the angle of the light beam, mitigating reflections and more precisely directing the light where it’s needed. […]

Written by on 14 June, 2023

CCS MFU Provides Collimated Backlighting with Reduced Depth

Collimated backlighting will enhance the performance of vision-based metrology systems when inspecting round parts because the light won’t “wrap around” rounded or curved edges, presenting a higher-quality silhouette image of the feature to the edge detection function of the vision software. The silhouette quality is improved whether a standard or telecentric lens is being used […]

Written by on 14 September, 2021

EFFI-FLEX Bar Lights Come in Extra-Long and Offer Uniquely Adjustable (after purchase) Emission Angle and Faceplate Diffusion Options

It’s challenging to specify the optimum bar light configuration in advance of having an actual machine and samples to test with. Typically, bar lights need to be ordered with narrow, medium, or wide lenses on the LEDs and offer a fixed diffusion level faceplate. With the EFFI-FLEX bar lights from Effilux, the LED emission angle […]

Written by on 17 August, 2021

New CCS LED Produces Flatter Spectral Output from 400nm to 900nm

A proprietary, single-LED illumination source that provides a relatively flat spectrum of light between 400nm and 900nm has been developed by CCS. These Hyperspectral LEDs provide exceptionally high spatial and spectral uniformity because it is a single-point-source LED, meaning all wavelengths come from the same spatial origin, eliminating wavelength-dependent angular absorption effects or uneven coverage. […]

Written by on 1 February, 2021

Self-Contained Time-of-Flight 3D Imaging With the Basler Blaze

Time-of-Flight 3D cameras create an image based on the amount of time it takes light to travel from the built-in laser diodes, reflect off the surfaces in the scene, and image onto the Sony DepthSenseTM 3D sensor. Distance information is captured for every pixel, resulting in highly accurate depth maps of the scene. The fully-calibrated […]

Written by on 1 February, 2021

TPL Vision’s Angle Changers Provide Bar Lights with Unprecedented Flexibility to Optimize the Even Coverage of a Large Area During & After Installation

Why is this important? It’s challenging to configure a front lighting solution that provides even and uniform illumination across a large field-of-view, say from 12” X 8” / 300mmX 225mm) up to 72” X 54” / 1,828mm X 1,371mm. We’re assuming multiple bar lights will be used as the FOV gets larger. For many applications, […]

Written by on 30 June, 2020

SWIR Imaging 101: What Can it do for You?

R.J. Wilson, Inc. is offering cameras from SWIR Vision Systems to expand the range of applications that can be addressed using Short Wave Infrared imaging (SWIR). These cameras feature patented CQDTM Sensors based on colloidal quantum dot (CQD) technology, with thin film photodiodes fabricated monolithically on CMOS-based silicon readout arrays. CQD technology reduces the cost […]

Written by on 12 June, 2020

“Black & Light” Backlight Provides a Matte Black Background When Off

TPL Vision offers a unique LED backlighting solution, called the “Black & Light”, that provides standard backlighting when on and a contrasting matte black appearance when turned off. This can be useful when a single camera station must sequentially provide both back lighting and front lighting. The matte black background helps to absorb, rather than […]

Written by on 26 March, 2020

Extreme-Power LED Strobe Lighting

PF lights are specifically designed for extreme-brightness strobe lighting and will achieve higher intensity than any conventional products when used with the dedicated PF Control Units. They provide brightness and strobe pulse-width control comparable to a Xenon flash lamp. When are these lights needed? In some applications, the amount of light intensity required exceeds the […]

Written by on 17 January, 2020

High Magnification Without Sacrificing Image Quality

When a small field-of-view is required, it’s common to use a standard C-mount lens and an extension tube to create a smaller field-of-view and reduce the working distance. At some point, though, the application may call for a true high-magnification lens system, such as Navitar’s Precise Eye system. Navitar’s Precise Eye modular series of fixed […]

Written by on 30 September, 2019

Advanced illumination (Ai) has Introduced its New BL245 Series of UltraSeal Wash-Down Backlights

R.J. WILSON, INC. IS EXCITED TO INTRODUCE A NEW WASH-DOWN BACKLIGHTING SOLUTION FROM ADVANCED ILLUMINATION THAT BREAKS NEW GROUND FOR DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY.A backlight is a common method of illumination for machine vision. Some operating environments, such as food and pharmaceutical production, rely on the use of high-pressure hoses and caustic cleaning solutions to maintain […]

Written by on 5 August, 2019

Changing LED Lighting Lenses in the Field! Spectrum Illumination Provides Easy Changeability of the LED Lenses and Diffusers to Optimize Your Application

The development of a lighting solution for a machine vision application can be an iterative experience as new parts or other system factors are introduced into the solution requirements. When the lighting solution is ordered, the most LED customization available is typically whether the lenses on the LEDs are wide, narrow, or standard. In addition, […]

Written by on 11 July, 2019